Northland Radiators

For problems with your radiator or cooling system northland radiators has the knowledge and expertise to solve your problem. Our dependable team of radiator experts has many years of professional experience. We only use the highest quality radiators and professional workmanship to make all our radiator repairs top quality.

Northland Radiators are agents for industry approved new radiators for most makes and models of vehicle. Once ​we have assessed your needs, Northland Radiators can supply you with a quote for repairs or for a brand-new replacement radiator.

REMEMBER, cooling system issues such as leaking radiators or split hoses can lead to serious engine problems or even a completely seized motor. It always pays to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible if you are noticing any engine temperature changes or different noises coming from your engine.

The team at Northland Radiators will get you running smoothly again in no time! If you have any concerns about the radiator or cooling system in your vehicle, contact us to arrange a time  for an assessment.

Stockist of new radiators to suit:

  • Most makes & Models
  • Passenger and light commercial vehicles
  • NZ new and imports

Northland Radiators, ready to fit and industry approved!

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